6 Tips for a Perfect First Date

Lesbihonest, we’ve all been there: you see someone across the room, the street, the bus or if you’re like my fiancé a conference room table and instantly know you have to talk with… Continue reading

On my Drake…

Not everyone likes to talk about how they feel. However, open communication is one of best ways to have a healthy relationship. The benefit of expressing your emotions, whether it’s to a romantic… Continue reading

Treats for Cheap! 9 gifts under $25

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Mothers’ Love

  When asked what does it mean to love someone, Nolan, a five-year boy, confidently replied, “To love with all your heart!” Typically, our first loves are our parents. Their love is unconditional,… Continue reading

Oh Great, Butterflies…

Dating can be hard. For some, it makes their heart beat fast and their palms sweaty. Dating anxiety wrecks nerves and it brings up so many questions. Where do you go on the… Continue reading

Put That Vibrator Down! A Guide to Corporate Gift Giving

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From Woman to Woman (To Woman)

  Wale said it in a song, “monogamy, or whatever you call it, I’m starting to think it ain’t for everybody,” but for some people, it’s highly preferred over casual dating. I’ve come… Continue reading

My Parents Love Jesus but They Don’t Love Me

  An unfortunate reality of the black community and many other communities that are faith based is the judgment and rejection that occurs when someone or something is outside of the “norm.” Today we… Continue reading

Dating a Newbie: 101

  Do you remember your first date?  You and person you had been sneaking kisses with by the lockers finally got to hangout off school grounds. Your parents apprehensively handed you the keys… Continue reading